Leptitox Review: Should You Use This Supplement?

Leptitox is a nutritional supplement that helps individuals struggling with weight loss to loose weight. Sonya Rhodes and Morgan Hurst created the Leptitox formula. They were trying to come up with a supplement that would aid in lowering cholesterol levels, provide a solution to leptin resistance, and mitigate heart problems

What’s in Leptitox?

Leptitox formula is made from natural plant extract thus has little or no side effects. Leptitox supplement is FDA approved; therefore, it is considered safe for human consumption. In terms of its quality, Leptitox has met all the standards set by the health regulatory authorities, and it is a GMP Certified product.

Leptitox is comprised of organic plant extracts from natural sources. Its main components are barberry, grape seed, jujube, Marian thistle, alfalfa, taraxacum leaves, and Chanca piedra. All these play specific roles in its overall function of the supplement. 

For instance, the taraxacum leaves are thought to cleanse the liver of toxins and promote overall bone health. Marian thistle, grape seed, and jujube are speculated to be involved in removing endocrine toxins in the body.

Barberry is thought to affect lowering the body’s bad cholesterol, which is the low-density lipo-proteins. It stimulates the production of high-density lipo-proteins, which is the good cholesterol. Alfalfa provides the body with the essential vitamins that facilitate the healing of the liver from toxins. Lastly, Chanca piedra promotes detoxification by enhancing kidney function.

How does Leptitox work?

Although the mechanism of action of the Leptitox supplement is not proven, there are three speculated theories try to explain how Leptitox works. The first hypothesis is Leptitox stimulates the fat cells in the body to produce leptin hormone. Leptin is the satiety hormone. Once it is produced, leptin suppresses food intake, thus causing weight loss. 

Leptitox supplement is also thought to work by facilitating the removal of specific toxins that may cause leptin resistance. Leptin resistance is a condition considered to be the underlying cause of increased appetite in most individuals who struggle with weight loss. Lastly, Leptitox is suspected to curb appetite by eliminating fat cells and harmful chemical substances that are thought to interrupt the functioning of endocrine organs.

What are the effects of taking Leptitox?

According to Leptitox sales page, Leptitox is thought to help individuals to shed off excess fat. Consequently, it will help in weight loss and maintain the blood pressure at an optimal range. This supplement is thought to reduce stress due to toxins and improve the brain’s activity.

Where can one buy Leptitox?

There are many vendors of Leptitox supplement tablets in the market. However, it is recommended to get your Leptitox supplement tablets from their official website is recommended as you are assured of quality. Other reliable sources are Amazon and e-bay.