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April 23, 2010


  1. […] Law and Conversation, Helen Gunnarsson is reporting about the motion recently filed by attorneys for Rod Blagojevich. The motion, which seeks to subpoena the […]

    Pingback by The Connected Lawyer » Maybe Blago’s Attorneys Should Have Attended an ISBA CLE — April 23, 2010 @ 2:59 pm | Reply

  2. Helen, as always, you are correct and insightful!! Human error and ignorance of the vast power of computer programs again identified, best wishes, Bruce

    Comment by Bruce Pfaff — May 7, 2010 @ 10:30 am | Reply

  3. As to Meta Data and much more technology information that we lawyers do not have — shame on us for not doing more about it! It’s fine to try to inform about Meta Data and other glitches, but the real issue is “What do we do about it?” How about some extreme measures….the ISBA and ARDC huddle on this and agree on the problem and the solution, and then issue some, at least, proposed rules changes that make it clear that if you goof-up on some of these technical matters you will be in big trouble! Now, of course, such a proposal will meet with negative remarks by most lawyers…and that will be the end of that.

    Since technology first came into our world, lawyers and law firms have been very, VERY slow to adapt, but every business in the world has found out that if we do not use technology the maximum extent possible, then we will suffer from it. We need not only education, and incentives to automate, and we need the power-groups to hire people who can do this. Models for this? Just look at the Wisconsin bar and the powerhouse technology-literate leaders that the legal profession and the Wisconsin bar have made a major part of what they do.

    Illinois has many of such leaders, yet, technology, as has been true for decades in Illinois, is like the relative that no one wants to talk about. Time has come for action.

    Comment by Paul Bernstein — October 2, 2010 @ 8:53 am | Reply

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