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October 15, 2010

Mario Vargas Llosa studied law and literature

Mario Vargas Llosa’s works represent a gap in my reading, since, I’m sorry to say, even though I speak Spanish I have not read much Latin American literature, which I mean to remedy in the near future.  I’m pleased to see that, according to Wikipedia, the 2010 Nobel Prize winner for literature studied law and literature as a young man in Lima, before becoming a journalist.

Among much other coverage of Vargas Llosa’s career and works is this essay from Spiked Online (hat tip:  Arts and Letters Daily), reporting that some in Sweden were very unhappy at his award because he wasn’t left-wing enough.  The essay’s author, Johan Norberg, says Vargas Llosa is “a classical liberal in the tradition of John Locke and Adam Smith.”

I’m pleased that two of my most recent articles from the Illinois Bar Journal are being reprinted in other publications.  “A First Amendment right to audiorecord police?”, which appears in the current (October 2010) issue, will appear in the Illinois Press Association’s Government Relations Update newsletter.  “Uncivil Action,” which appeared in the August 2010 issue, will be reprinted in the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys magazine.

Dutch engineer and kinetic sculptor Theo Jansen’s beach animals are really neat–you can see videos and read about them on his website, .

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