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September 14, 2011

Europa Challenge post: “Departure Lounge,” by Chad Taylor

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I have a new post on The Europa Challenge Blog, on a New Zealand noir novel, “Departure Lounge,” by Chad Taylor.

Noir isn’t generally my cup of tea, and I had some issues with this story, as I detail in my post. But I’m glad I read it; it’s part of a personal campaign for expanding my mind by reading books that are out of my usual genre preferences. I could tell that reading it had the desired mind-expanding effect, for I became really uncomfortable as I read the main character’s explanation of his mental processes and work as a thief: I wanted to take this imaginary individual by the shoulders and shout at him, “Stop! What are you DOING with your life?!” Hope you’ll click on over and check out my review.

Whether you’re unfamiliar with Europa Editions or a confirmed fan, as I am, this interview on Publishing Perspectives with Europa’s editor in chief, Michael Reynolds, is also interesting reading. And reading Taylor’s book, which is set in the author’s home town of Auckland, New Zealand, reminded me that one of my favorite podcasts comes from Radio New Zealand: Saturday Morning With Kim Hill, an eclectic program on which Hill interviews guests from all over the world on topics from books to politics to cooking to art to urban planning. And subscribing is FREE–I so love the internet!

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