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April 26, 2009

Guidance for tweeting on Twitter

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I just finished an article on social networking for lawyers for the Illinois Bar Journal.  In the course of researching it, I met Carol Ross, a wisdom entrepreneur and fellow Northwestern alum, on LinkedIn and interviewed her for the article.  Carol’s encouragement was the push I’d needed to start this blog.

Carol writes not one, not two, but THREE blogs:  A Bigger Voice; Ordinary Life, Extraordinary Living; and Boundary Crosser.  She helped me “get” Twitter, and her views on the Biggest Mistakes of New Twitter Users, at , are well worth reading by anyone who’s wondering what Twitter is all about.  A commenter, Ellen Naylor, noted that she posted a complementary article entitled “Trick or Tweet:  13 Ways to Alienate Twitter Followers”  at ; Naylor’s post also contains excellent advice.


March 29, 2009

Starting a blog!

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I thought it was important to explain to readers why I’ve decided to blog, so I started to write an introductory post.  It started getting overly long and out of hand really quickly, and who wants to read that sort of post?  So here it is:  I have a lot of different interests and enjoy telling other people about them.  This blog will be a way of telling readers about books, music, recipes, podcasts, popular culture, and, of course, legal issues and stories that I think are interesting.  I hope you, readers, will join the conversation by commenting and letting me know about interesting matters you come across.

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