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August 26, 2010

Thursday thanks!

I’d like to thank cozy mystery writer Elizabeth Spann Craig, who writes the most excellent Mystery Writing Is Murder blog, for being the very first person to add this blog to her blogroll.  Elizabeth’s new book, “Delicious And Suspicious” (under the pen name of Riley Adams), came out on July 6.  You can read reviews of it as well as her earlier cozy mystery, “Pretty Is As Pretty Dies,” and order them from Amazon, here.  Elizabeth has a knack for taking mundane events in her life, such as going to the grocery store or getting her house ready for the installation of new carpeting, and relating them to the craft of writing.

I’d also like to thank Zimbabwean lawyer and writer Petina Gappah, whose book of short stories, “Elegy for Easterly,” and articles I read and wrote about earlier this summer, for visiting, leaving kind comments, and adding this blog to her blogroll.  Petina is part of a crop of vibrant modern African writers that includes Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie and Marguerite Abouet.  She presents a fascinating, three-dimensional picture of contemporary Zimbabwe in her fiction and nonfiction.

I love the Internet for making it so easy to find and connect with people with similar interests from all over the world!

Whom have I missed?  I have some more posts in the works thanking others who have linked to this blog and referenced my work.  If you’ve linked to this site and/or included it on your own blogroll, or otherwise referenced my work, please let me know.

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