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May 18, 2012

More Free CLE

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The other day I urged lawyers and judges to sign up for a free trial membership in the American Bar Association, my employer. Do so, and you get to register for one free hourlong CLE webinar per month as long as you’re a member. The trial membership offer extends through August 31, but you have to sign up this month, before May 31, to take advantage of it. My employer might give me a cool prize if I recruit enough new members, so I hope you’ll sign up–the ABA is a great organization, you get all the usual member benefits in addition to the FREE CLE, and–I did say it was FREE, didn’t I?!

Lawyers in active practice always need CLE credits, and here is another nice way that you can not only get several hours of free CLE but also do some important pro bono work if you’re in the Chicago area: attend a 2.5 hour free MCLE credit training session, conducted by Cabrini-Green Legal Aid and the Cook County Public Defender, for the annual Expungement Summit on Saturday, June 2 at Apostolic Church of God (6320 S. Dorchester Ave), sponsored by the Circuit Clerk of Cook County.

Here’s more info on the summit from a CGLA e-mail:

“We need our experienced attorneys to help staff two four hour shifts (morning (~10-2) and afternoon (~2-6)) where they will advise summit attendees of their eligibility for expungement or sealing and assist those who are eligible to fill out forms.  It will very closely resemble the work we do at the Expungement Help Desk, with the differences being attendees come to us with their court dispositions verses us having to look up their record ourselves.  We’re expecting several thousand attendees and are hoping to train at over 100 private and public sector attorneys.”

This is a great opportunity to get some free CLE and do some good pro bono work at the same time. Though I can’t make the summit, I’ve been volunteering at the Expungement Help Desk at the Daley Center. It’s not glamorous and won’t garner you any headlines, but it’s a way to provide people who need it some help to get their lives on track after having made and paid for some mistakes. There but for grace and fortunate circumstances might go many of us, right?

I’d urge any lawyer with an interest in the area, or in doing something different and something good, to join the CGLA volunteers. The training sessions are May 23 and 24; you just have to attend one of them to volunteer at the summit. And then, when you have to report not only MCLE compliance but also whether you’ve done some pro bono work, you can feel very satisfied by answering “Yes!”

May 15, 2012


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Lawyers, have I got a deal for and a favor to ask of you: if you are not already a member of the American Bar Association, sign up by using this link for a FREE trial membership through August 31. There is no obligation; you don’t have to provide a credit card number to sign up, and if you don’t want to continue to be a member, when the ABA sends you a bill at the end of the trial, you can just write cancel on it and send it back. (Though you might decide you like it and want to continue. I hope you will; it’s a great organization.)

In the meantime, you get all the usual member benefits, including some FREE CLE–1 webinar a month, I think. And we all have to do CLE!

What’s in it for me: as long as you use the link in this e-mail to sign up, I’ll get credit and could (but probably won’t) win a cool prize. But regardless of whether I win anything, it’s FREE to you, there is no obligation to continue, and clicking on the link will not give you a virus or subject you to spam. Deadline is May 31, but the next free member CLE webinar is this coming Monday, May 21, on cloud computing, so it makes sense to join now.

Thanks much, and please share the link with your friends!

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