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April 29, 2009

Canadian novelist Anne Michaels on writing

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The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) has some fine podcasts. My current favorites are “Writers and Company,” with host Eleanor Wachtel, and “Sunday Morning,” with host Michael Enright. Both Wachtel and Enright are terrific interviewers, displaying inquiring minds and unfeigned interest in what their subjects have to say.

Enright interviewed novelist Anne Michaels, winner of the Orange Prize, one of the most prestigious prizes for fiction, in 2007 for her novel “Fugitive Pieces,” on April 5, 2009. I haven’t read anything she’s written and, in fact, hadn’t heard of her before listening to this podcast, but I enjoyed the interview. Here’s a Michaels quote from the podcast that gave me food for thought: “One reason why I write is because I want to live better—be a better human being. I want to challenge myself with certain questions. I think that a [novel]… provides a safe place to talk about things that are not safe.”

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