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November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

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What a good idea someone had so many years ago to dedicate a day to giving thanks.  I’m reflecting on a few things for which I’m very thankful today:

1) My wonderful family.

2) Amazing friends from every phase of my life who have stayed or gotten back in touch with me, including some who found me through this blog and others who found me or whom I found through the magic of other social media.  My friends support me, challenge me, and open my mind.

3) Interesting and challenging work that helps others:  writing practice-oriented articles for the Illinois Bar Journal.  I love feeling useful to others, using my education and experience and exercising my mind in order to be able to learn about, understand, and write intelligently about a diversity of topics, and meeting neat people whose stories I get to listen to and then write about.

4) Much-loved pets–cats and a dog–with huge hearts and personalities who add so much to our family.

5) Great literature that speaks to us across time, distance, and cultures.

6) Art and music, and being able to continue playing the piano and studying with a terrific teacher.

7) Having a place to live and enough to eat.

8) The internet, which makes it possible for me to write and connect with interesting people all over the world through this blog and other media.

9) Garrison Keillor, whose depth and humor I never fail to appreciate, and whose CD comedy collection “English Majors” I’m listening to as I write this and prepare my family’s Thanksgiving meal.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who read this, and please come back and leave a comment now and then.

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